word of the day: polypharmacy

My dad took a lot of pills every day. I don’t take any prescribed medicine at all, but I imagine that as I move from middle age into old age I will be gradually prescribed more and more. This phenomenon is known as “escalating polypharmacy” and this Telegraph article asks whether it does more harm than good.


21 medical words of the day

I found a cheap paperback medical dictionary and enjoyed browsing through it (as you do) – so many useful words! (Many of them direct from classical languages, and some of them hard to find online.) Here’s a selection:

1. bex: cough

2. dejecta: shit

3. oula, ouloid: scar, scarlike – the normal spelling seems to be “uloid”

4. theism: tea-poisoning

5. thelium: tit

6. maidism: pellagra

7. madescent: moist

8. meatus: bodily opening

9. abionarce: fatigue

10. obdormition: when an arm or leg “falls asleep”

11. oniomania: shopaholism

12. mastauxe: breast enlargement

13. unipara: a woman with one kid

14. xysma: bits of gut in your poo

15. roborant: a pick-me-up

16. roust: nurse’s assistant

17. psellism: stutter

18. ptarmus: sneezing

19. pygal: on the bum

20. ochlesis: sickness due to overcrowding

21. parateresiomania: an obsession with seeing new things