21 medical words of the day

I found a cheap paperback medical dictionary and enjoyed browsing through it (as you do) – so many useful words! (Many of them direct from classical languages, and some of them hard to find online.) Here’s a selection:

1. bex: cough

2. dejecta: shit

3. oula, ouloid: scar, scarlike – the normal spelling seems to be “uloid”

4. theism: tea-poisoning

5. thelium: tit

6. maidism: pellagra

7. madescent: moist

8. meatus: bodily opening

9. abionarce: fatigue

10. obdormition: when an arm or leg “falls asleep”

11. oniomania: shopaholism

12. mastauxe: breast enlargement

13. unipara: a woman with one kid

14. xysma: bits of gut in your poo

15. roborant: a pick-me-up

16. roust: nurse’s assistant

17. psellism: stutter

18. ptarmus: sneezing

19. pygal: on the bum

20. ochlesis: sickness due to overcrowding

21. parateresiomania: an obsession with seeing new things


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