word of the day: femmephobia

I admit it: I’m not very interested in the debates that seem to rage around feminism. There doesn’t seem too much to it to me other than that sexists, misogynists, MCPs and patriarchalists are dicks. Because of this lack of interest it’s not surprising that I haven’t heard the term “femmephobia” before. I’ve just seen it here, and I read elsewhere on Skepchick that it’s “a particular subset of sexism that suggests that femininity and things regarded as feminine are inherently inferior, bad, weak, stupid, non-preferable, valueless, disempowering, etc.” So you’d be very unlikely to see a femmephobic (or his* son*) wearing pink.

Femmephobia is a silly word, but I’m against the femmephobics.

*Thinking about it, I suppose femmephobics can also be women, and femmephobics might not want their daughters wearing pink either. Femmephobia must be different from insisting that both sexes adhere to their repsective stereotypes. What’s the word for that? Is that just sexism?


word of the day: embonpoint


In an Agatha Christie story I read: “A yachting costume is not the most kindly of attires for a middle-aged man with a tendecy to embonpoint.” Embonpoint? Isn’t that something to do with needlework? Or ballet?

Who would ever guess that this word means obesity? People should use it more often. For example, on application forms:

“Any health issues?”

“A tendency to embonpoint.”

That’ll fox ’em.

word of the day: rinsing

As is often the case, I’m behind the loop on this one. It appears that one of the, ahem, celebrities on the latest series¬†of Big Brother gets stuff* by asking for it from strangers who fancy her, an activity known as “rinsing“. So there you go. (And here’s my Amazon wishlist. Am I doing this right?)

*What, you may ask, do the strangers get in return? The answer is either (a) nowt or (b) don’t ask.