Consult Me (1866)

Consult Me is a wonderful book, a kind of Victorian Wikipedia, with entries of varying usefulness for everything from Abdominal Ruptures to Yorkshire Pudding. The entry for Errors in Speech gives a short introduction to the language peeves of that era, some mystifying, some still very familiar today…


No-noes of 1946

from “The Did You Know Book for Children and their Elders” (1946) Common Errors, etc.

That, which, what, who (1)that, which, what, who (2)–is, his–there,their–as,haswas,were–you and I/me–spelling Some grammatical and spelling difficulties

From “The Did You Know Book for Children and their Elders”, price 4½d, copyright of and printed by Storey, Evans & Co Ltd of Leeds, for Haverstock Publishers Ltd of Fleet Street, London EC4.