General Election crossword answers

Crossword is in the previous post.

Comments welcome, including ideas for improving the ropy clues!



1 Parliament has its own booze (5) SAUCE

(HP Sauce)

4 Vetoes past funfair (9) OVERRIDES


9 Now that the start of his job has gone, Trump repairs to the White House (9) RESIDENCY


10 He mastered the British lie… (5) BLAIR


11 …like the present reason for ignoring canvasser (2,4) NO TIME

“No time like the present”

12 Can sign of Israel replace Alpha & Omega at this moment? (8) PORTILLO

Remove A&O from PORTALOO (“can”) and add IL

14 EU can call me AL! (7,2) ARTICLE 50

A=article, L=50

16 Jack’s poll? (5) STRAW


17 Protest before start of redundancy (5) DEMOB


19 Farage‘s favourite tipple furnished by king of sex appeal (9) BREXITEER

REX IT (sex appeal) in BEER

21 Dinner at Commons’ cafe (8) TEAHOUSE

TEA+HOUSE (of Commons)

22 Swing changes direction at the start (6) NOBBLE or WOBBLE

“swing” is synonym of both; N & W are directions

25 He‘s churlish, loveless, drops aitch (5) BORIS

Remove O (love) & H from BOORISH

26 Ulster back with dodgy old MP (9) INCUMBENT

NI reversed+CUM+BENT

27 Data from Brussels University included in additives (2,7) EU NUMBERS

U(niversity) in E NUMBERS

28 They take minutes in A&E? Hardly! (5) NOTER




1 May put up with hosting pretty bad lodge (6,3,6) STRONG AND STABLE

(w)RONG in STAND + STABLE (verb)

2 Groups (ethnic) cherish 12’s experience (5) UPSET


3 Local movie coming up about Clinton? (7) ENDEMIC

DEM(ocrat) in CINE reversed

4 All of a shambles? (4) OMNI

As in “omnishambles”

5 See in differential geometry, Frank Muir? (10) ETYMOLOGER

LO (see) in anagram of GEOMETRY

6 Makes allowance for bad moods (7) REBATES

RE (for)+BATES

7 Character of 25, 10, Dee and I combined (9) DIABLERIE

anagram of BLAIR DEE I

8 25 backs 10’s woman about British pollster (3,3,9) SIR BOB WORCESTER

B(ritish) in (BORIS reversed + WORCESTER) “Worcester Woman” was a type of voter targeted by New Labour in 1997.

13 The German multiplies quiet anger in home of The Beast (10) DERBYSHIRE

DER+BY+SH+IRE (The Beast being Dennis Skinner)

15 For Martin new leader (3,6) TIM FARRON

anagram of FOR MARTIN

18 Back insurgency concerning defeat coming to fruition (7) BLOSSOM

LOSS in MOB reversed

20 Marathon for Denis Thatcher? (7) IRONMAN

(Husband of Iron Lady)

23 Slough businessman in Wembley area (5) BRENT

(David Brent)

24 Leaderless coalitions brought to book (4) ACTS



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