Katie’s grammar

There’s loads of magazines for little girls, and when I’m in the Co-op with Catherine it’s hard to persuade her that she only needs one! Her latest choice was “Katie”, produced by the somewhat mysterious LCD Publishing. Mysterious also is their grammar:

Katie no. 123, page 4

There are five girls (and no boys) pictured in the full spread, so what’s with the “they”, “their” and “them”?


One thought on “Katie’s grammar

  1. i purchase a katie magazine for my little girl and to my disappointment there were so many spelling and gramma errors throughout the entire magazine worst of all a resolution code puzzle where you have to match the numbers to the letters it reads “cat lcss swccts, kccp bcdroom tidy, do morm homcwork, hclp mum morc, try ncw sports, join thc library.” My daughter is only just learning her letters but i would prefer if she was encourage to spell by those who can themselves. I am shocking at english myself but I’m not a magazine publisher. this was a waste of her hard earned pocket money. theives and amatures. stealing from children.

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